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Treating Mold in the Kitchen

What to do if you find Mold in your Kitchen

Mold in the kitchen is of particular concern due to the fact that is where the cooking and handling of food is done. To prevent the spread of potentially toxic mold, follow these steps:

— Always clean dishes and countertops after use.

— Run garbage disposals frequently with soap and hot water.

— Wipe behind countertop appliances.

— Clean behind refrigerator, stove and any narrow areas between counters.

— Clean stove fan and ventilation duct on a regular basis.

— Consider a solid backsplash behind the sink, rather than porous paints and wallpaper.

— Open a window in the kitchen or adjacent rooms to allow for air flow.

— Above all else don’t leave food out!

All of these suggestions are useful tips to minimize mold in the kitchen. However, one can never eliminate microscopic mold spores altogether. They occur naturally in nature and can travel from other areas of the home via the ventilation system.

Mold Exposure Symptoms and What to Look For

Once exposed to mold symptoms range from flu-like to upper-respiratory infections.  Coughing, sneezing, congestion and skin/eye irritation are not uncommon depending on the type of mold and length of exposure.  If you are one of the 21 million Americans that suffer from asthma your condition could be worsened.

It is estimated that 4.6 million–nearly a quarter of those affected–are as a direct result of their exposure to mold.  If you experience any of these symptoms it is best to always consult your medical professional.  Even mold spores that are dead and no longer able to multiply are still allergenic can have an adverse effect.

Mold Prevention in Salt Lake City, Utahmold

If you have an older style kitchen with wood cabinets and wallpaper, you may want to consider going ahead and making those updates.  Your families health may just depend on those renovations.  Newer cabinet and shelf designs are made of plastic polymers and resins that microorganisms aren’t able to penetrate.  Consider preventing mold inhibitors by adding a new coat of paint to your cabinets.  These make cleanings easier with a quick wipe down.  Small changes go a long way to fortify your kitchen and prevent mold build-up in one of the most trafficked areas of your home.

Your indoor air quality could be greatly affected and many are none the wiser.

Give us a call today and a Green Home Air Quality technician can provide you with a practical assessment and walk you all the potential areas of concern.   We take special care in cleaning up mold in the kitchen and around the home of Utah residents.

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