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Commercial HVAC Cleaning

Commercial properties require constant maintenance and upkeep.  One of the most important aspects of this is commercial HVAC cleaning for your duct system.  It’s vital that you monitor the air quality of your commercial property.


By following a proper timeline of regularly scheduled cleanings and proper maintenance you will never have to worry about not meeting government regulations.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Commercial HVAC System

More people pass through a commercial space versus a single family home.  Consequentially, this can mean heavy foot traffic in an office, a large number of computers or equipment, or, in the case of restaurants, food for consumption.  Additionally, dust, dander, cooking oils, pollen, mold, fibers, and industrial waste accumulate in duct work and be reintroduced to the general air space at a later point. HVAC system cleanings prevent mold growth. Property owners should be concerned about the status of their air system.

Typical paper intake filters block only a small amount of dust. Some estimates put this at below 10% of the actual particulate matter. This method cuts corners and can cost you more money down the line. Relying on this method is cutting corners in the short run and will surely cost your company down the line.

Commercial HVAC Cleaning Process

Walk-through evaluation

First, we check the number of furnaces, intake and mainline, and assess all costs giving you a fair and accurate estimate.  We then determine the best solutions and course of action.

For example, this may include something like cutting a portion of the duct work in to order to gain access to hard to reach areas where debris has accumulated.

Cordon off and seal workplace

Next, the workplace is sealed so that no equipment or work areas are exposed to particles that may become airborne.

Multi-step process to access and clean ducts

  • A high-pressure vacuum has an “air whip” attachment.  The air whip goes deep into the duct and knocks off any lodged debris.  The system then sucks up any debris.
  • Industrial-strength HEPA vacuums (99.97% particle collection efficiency rating) attach to vents to remove remaining dust particles.
  • We remove blowers, heat exchangers and AC coils and thoroughly clean them.
  • Disinfectant solution cleanses all surface areas of the ducts and parts that prevent future growth for months after cleaning.

Pressure wash grills and supply registers

Sanitized particles, including mold, can find their way into the machinery of the HVAC system.  Therefore, they have the potential to multiply and re-circulate into the air supply at a later point. (Unfortuantly, Contaminants traveling through the duct work can travel through an office approximately five to seven times a day). 

Clean and sanitize fan motors, coils and blower systems

In other words, all parts are removed, washed down, disinfected and reattached.

Thermostat testing

Ensure all electronic systems are accurate and reflect corresponding temperatures.

To add, our technicians are fast and efficient.  Lastly, the entire process can be done after work hours or on the weekend and usually takes between 4-8 hours depending on the size and number of vents.