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Air duct cleaning in Murray, Utah

You work hard to be a property owner in Murray, Utah and shouldn’t have to worry about unseen risks.  That’s our job! With a single call, we offer homeowners a full assessment of their home or business from the basement to the attic. We can identify poor air quality and offer air duct cleaning, mold removal, dryer vent cleaning, and radon remediation.

With 30+ years of combined service, our air duct cleaning company in the Murray, Utah area can offer friendly and professional support for whatever your home needs may be.  We take our job seriously and are available for our clients 24/7 every day of the year.

Providing Mold Removal Services & Air Duct Cleaning in Utah:

  • A/C Coil Cleaning in Utah

    Outside debris or even grass clippings can easily get through the vents of your air conditioning unit and become attached to the coils.  Over time, this could cause your unit to work harder to create the same amount of coolness indoors.  This takes more electricity and thus, higher utility bills.  Let us assess this for you each year before summer gets underway and you will avoid rising electricity costs year after year.

  • Air Duct Cleaning in Utah

    air duct cleaningHaving your air ducts cleaned is one of the best ways to either maintain or improve the air quality in your home.  Many think a “Do it yourself” approach is sufficient and that is true of small jobs, but in order to completely remove all dust, dander, mold and even biological growth that can extend the length of your home a professional cleaning is necessary.  The professionals of Green Home have performed this job in Murray, Utah countless times.  We know how to operation thoroughly and efficiently.  Our professionals will have your home feeling brand new within a few short hours.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning in Utah

    Removing the lint from the lint trap of the dryer after each use is a good practice to have.  This alone does not prevent you and your family from being at risk from the potential hazards of vent blockage.

    If you notice debris in or around the dryer, or the machine seems to be running at a higher temperature the air ventilation could be compromised.  Even something as little as clothes taking longer than usual to dry could be an indication of a growing obstruction in the ventilation system.

    Our deep vacuum tube and specialized dryer vent cleaning tools can clear out debris quickly. Our team makes sure they clean the full length of the ductwork system for effective results.

  • Mold Inspection & Remediation

    Mold removal and remediation can be a tricky thing.  The microbial spores can multiply and infiltrate any number of areas once they become airborne.  Dark corners with elevated levels of moisture are a favorite area for mold to propagate and form colonies.  Spores may even lodge themselves within the ducts of the HVAC system. This makes them nearly impossible to fix with weekly cleaning and can become problematic at a later point.

    Green Home professionals in Murray, Utah have been spotting and killing mold for over 30 years.  We are comprehensive in our assessment and thorough in our cleaning.  Our reputation depends on it.

  • Radon Inspection in Murray, UT

    You deserve the peace of mind to know whether or not your family and home are unnecessarily at risk.  Dangerous Radon gases can seep into any home linger for years.  The radioactive isotopes that occur naturally find their way into basements, attics, crawl spaces, and many types of building materials.  If there is poor circulation in the home or structure, this is where the exposure issue arises. We can obtain accurate readings from all parts of your home.  After our inspection, we will provide homeowners with useful advice on improving air circulation.  If the problem happens to require immediate action, don’t worry, we can help. Our team has experience with minimizing the threat of radon in properties throughout Murray, Utah. Our radon remediation methods restore properties back to good health.