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Radon Mitigation in Salt Lake City, UT

Radion Testing & Radon Mitigation in Salt Lake City, UT

Uranium from rock, soil, and water breakdown causes Radon, which is a radioactive gas. Due to the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of your home, radon can seep through the cracks. This can create elevated radon levels in your home. This is extremely dangerous considering radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, which follows closely after smoking. Radon Mitigation may be needed in your home.

Testing Your Home for Radon

If you have never tested your home for radon before, you can either contact your state’s radon office for information. They can help you obtain a qualified test kit or you can call Green Home Air. Radon testing requires special equipment and can provide you with hourly and average readings. Depending on the type of home or business you are testing, the test kit will differ. Our radon experts at Green Home Air are trained to test all types of homes and/or businesses. We provide specialized services for each structure.

Getting Rid of Radon

There are many homes with elevated levels of radon gas. Taking care of those levels alone is never an easy task. It’s difficult to tell how heavily your home is impacted until you begin to feel sick. Leave it to professionals to test the radon levels and reduce those levels. Green Home Air specializes in reducing radon levels and we have affordable prices for different types of home or business structures.

We have radon mitigation systems that will provide you with comfort throughout the year. First, we will start off by sealing the cracks in the foundation of your home. This ensures that the system is performing active soil depressurization (ASD). Next, we will provide you with short and long-term tests to ensure that our systems are properly working.

We Are Radon Mitigation Experts You Can Trust

We know that it can be an intimidating process when you begin radon mitigation. It’s not every day that we hear about radioactive gas in our homes and we know that it’s a cause for concern. If you are feeling like you need a team to back you up with radon levels in your home, you should contact Green Home Air to provide you with all of the services you need. We will start with testing and providing you with the information. Then, we will perform any services you may need to reduce elevated radon levels. We will work with you every step of the way so that you feel comfortable and safe in your own home.


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