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Residential & Commercial HVAC & Mold Removal

Air Conditioning & Mold Removal Service Provider

mold removalGreen Home Air has been serving residential and commercial properties in Salt Lake City area for over a decade. Our technicians provide quality heating & cooling installation & maintenance.  Your air quality and good health is our number one priority.  We take special care in maintaining your HVAC systems such as dryer vents and air duct work.  Our mold remediation specialists will also check for humidity and moisture leaks that could cause a harmful mold problem for you and your family.  If a mold inspection reveals a breakout, our technicians are specialized in mold removal to restore you and your home to good health.

We offer high-quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning and HVAC systems in Salt Lake City, UT.

View the list of services we provide:

air conditioning coil cleaning

As part of our services, we offer high-quality installation of residential as well as commercial air conditioning. Our team uses professional equipment in addition to fine materials, at a lower cost.

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duct cleaning services

Air Duct Cleaning in Utah

We provide onshore and offshore technical support to offshore clients’ first line core crew to enable them to undertake routine maintenance with confidence.

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Dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Utah

Utah’s government regulates these systems based on energy use. Therefore, they require expert maintenance to function at the best, most efficient rate of energy consumption.

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Mold Removal in Utah

Dirty coils and burned out contactors can cause long-term damage to your system. That’s why we recommend an annual inspection for all of our Utah customers by one of our certified technicians.