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Mold in the Basements of Utah Homes

Common Causes of Mold Found in Basements in Utah

Basements are a common feature of Utah homes. They add inexpensive square footage for most homeowners of Salt Lake City, UT.  However, they are often darker and more susceptible to moisture through the foundation, window wells, and leaky pipes which is why Green Home Air specializes in basement mold removal.

Basement Mold Removal

mold in basementsMold removal from the basement is particularly difficult because the moisture is much different from the rest of the home.  We also tend not to be in this area of the home as much. However, all it takes is a slow drip from an HVAC unit behind a few storage boxes or a leaking pipe obstructed by drywall that first begins to dampen the rot from the inside out.  Mildew will multiply quickly in environments such as these.

It is best to reach out to Mold Remediation professionals in these situations.  Spot scrubbing or simply whipping away what you can see never resolves the underlying issues and mold is sure to return.  The technicians at Green Home are trained to assess the unique factors existing in your home.  Any problem from overall air quality, ventilation, or growth behind walls are accurately pinpointed and isolated from the rest of the house.

Green Home Air Quality in Salt Lake City, Utah will quickly assess the problem, provide an estimate for effective mold remediation.

Mold Risk in Basements  

Basements, of course, are more susceptible to flooding so you must be prepared.  It does not even take major flooding as a result of a natural disaster like we may see from news coverage to cause damage.  Even flooding of a few inches can have disastrous results in the long run.  In cases like this trained technicians follow a careful step-by-step process that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Mold Remediation in Salt Lake County, Utah:  

  1. Water Pumped —

    Removed and pump out any water at least 10 feet from the structure.

  2. Mold Damage Inspection

    Meticulous inspection process to assess what is a total loss and what may be salvaged.  Damaged drywall or furniture will be removed and thrown away.

  3. Industrial Fans & Air Movers —

    High powered blowers will dry out any contaminated areas and prevent the spread of any mold spores.

  4. Chemicals For Mold Removal —

    Concentrated chemical scrubs and biocides completely wipe the area clean.  They completely kill off any microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs).

  5. Quarantining the Basement Room with the Mold — 

    Seal the basement room to preventing the spread of mold while air scrubbing the area using HEPA filters remove any airborne particles.

  6. Long-term Care to Prevent Basement Mold– 

    Green Home Air recommends humidity reduction and regular ventilation system cleanings.

Never place your family or home at risk.  Mold remediation is a safe and effective way to ensure there are no long-term health hazards as a result of mold exposure.

24-hour emergency service is available throughout the year.

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