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New Home HVAC System Cleaning


Why it’s important to have your new home HVAC Systems cleaning done?

You may ask yourself: why should I clean have my HVAC systems clean? Utah’s poor air quality is not restricted to the outdoors. As Utah citizens we are aware that when we are outside we pose a risk to our health and that is why it is important to prevent that risk in the comfort of your own home. New home HVAC system cleaning can protect your health. Green Home Air Quality in Salt Lake City, UT wants to take care of you and your family’s health, so get a hold of us to start our services. Expect a professional team at your service, delivering quality in the most efficient ways.

How does HVAC cleaning in Utah work?

Dirt can build up overtime in air ducts and vents, which are then fed into AC units throughout your home. Air from outside filters in through your air ducts trapping the those unwanted pollutants from coming into your home. However, HVAC technology isn’t advanced enough to the point where those unwanted particles will simply go back where they came from. They simply accumulate in your air ducts and vent which can cause health problems, as well HVAC damage. Before the damage is done call a professional.

Our services include new HVAC system cleaning, as well as mold removal. Mold can even attach and grown in homes located in deserts too hot and humid climates, don’t underestimate the power of this fungus. We guarantee to clear your vents from any unwanted particle and mold.

Why choose Green Home?

Our teams are made up of high qualified air quality and mold removal specialist. Our experts work in a timely manner to protect your health, as well as your loved ones. Find out for yourself why we provide the best new home HVAC system cleaning services, without breaking your bank. Contact Green Home and schedule your consultation. One step closer to healthy breathing in your home, guaranteed.


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