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Mold Inspection vs. Mold Testing

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus and reproduces by spreading microscopic spores.  Mold can come in various shapes and colors (green, white, black, or gray).  You may have seen mold grow on bread or cheese?  Same thing.  It is almost impossible to completely rid your home of mold spores without installing a massive and expensive industrial clean room filtration system. That is why we advice a mold inspection to help you rid of that pesky mold.    

Mold Inspection vs. Mold Testing in Utah

You might be asking what the difference between a mold inspection and a mold test really are and which one you should choose.  Mold inspections identify the presence of mold and can define the size of the problem, generally in square footage. 

When should you get a mold test

Mold testing attempts to identify what specific type of mold occupies your home and how many spores are airborne. It also doesn’t make sense to test for mold if you already know it’s present.  The mold problem will need to be remedied regardless of the specific type of mold.  Also, as mentioned earlier, every home has some amount of mold spores.  They can travel airborne through ducts.  The problem is when they attach to a moist surface and grow which you can prevent.  There are times that a mold test will be recommended after consultation. However, you will get more bang or your buck if you perform the mold test after a mold remediation process.    

When Should you Have a Mold Inspection?

Chances are if you have mold, you will either see it or smell the musty odor.  In some instances, a visual inspection is all that is needed to spot mold.  However, there may be situations when the mold is growing somewhere not visible.  Here are some situations where mold problems can occur, and a mold inspection should be performed:

  • Water damage basement flooding, roof leaked, or a pipe burst.  Any place that gets wet and isn’t dried within 24-48 hours.
  • New home purchase – in most states, the seller does not have to disclose of water damage.  Most home inspectors can spot water damage and mold presence, but for your own peace of mind get an inspection if you have doubts. 
  • Home unoccupied for an extended time – humidity could build up and give mold ample feeding and breeding ground.
  • Following mold remediation – regular mold inspections are a good idea if you have already gone through the costly and extensive steps to deal with a mold problem.
  • If you see mold – this is a no brainer!  If you spot blue, green, black, white or gray mold growth, get an inspection immediately. 

Mold Remediation Company in Salt Lake City, Utah

mold inspection

At Green Home Air Quality our certified technicians will inspect common mold-growth areas, check the moisture level in the home, and ask questions about water damage and ventilation.  If you see mold in one area, it may be in other parts of the home.  Mold inspections within Salt Lake City are usually free of charge.  Give Green Home Air a call today.



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