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Mold Inspection as Part of your Home Inspection

Recognize Potential Mold Problems Before Buying a Home

mold inspection

It can be extremely difficult to spot sneaky little mold spores and they aren’t always easy to detect.  If you’re hunting for a new home, learn how to spot signs of mold before taking the big leap. You may even want to have a mold inspection company visit the home as part of your due diligence. No one wants to purchase a home with a mold problem and take on that responsibility when it can be avoided.

What to look for When it comes to Mold

Mold can come in various shapes and colors (green, blue, white, black, or gray).  You may have seen mold grow on bread or cheese?  Same thing.  Some molds are visible and easy to spot and even possess a musty/earthy odor, but you can also get mold growing between walls, under floors and ceilings, in crawl spaces, and even in basements and attics.  Mold grows, thrives, and survives in almost any damp location – paneling, wallboard, carpet, ceiling tiles, paint, etc.  When looking at a prospective home, check for mold growth or odor around these areas:

  • Leaking pipes, windows, or roofs
  • Standing water in the basement
  • Water marks on walls or ceiling or ceiling tiles
  • Musty smells in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, plumbing cabinets, or other plumbing areas

Mold can even attach and grown in homes located in deserts to hot and humid climates, don’t underestimate the power of this fungus.

Does your Home Inspection Include Mold Inspection?

Generally speaking, it is not under the job description for a home inspector to inspect for mold.  But be rest assured, most will notify you or mention if they see signs of water damage or the presence of mold.  It is extremely advisable to get the seller to disclose any mold issues, whether it be flooding in the basement, a burst pipe, leaky roof, or have knowledge of any mold growth. You should even add a mold-related contingency to your offer.  This will allow you to back out of the deal, negotiate the sale price, or have the seller pay to remedy the mold problem. Unfortunately, Utah does not require sellers to disclose of mold, but requesting it and even adding a contingency clause will alleviate some concerns about it.   

If you have concerns about mold, Green Home Air can take a look at your prospective home. Don’t get trapped in a home that has mold, give us a call today for a free estimate.     

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