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Could You Have Mold in Your Air Ducts?


Mold in Your Air Ducts?

More common than you think

Often times, dark and out of the way areas tend to be less or not cleaned at all. Neglected, those areas trap dust, pollen and water vapor–they are prime environments for organic build up. Even a cursory inspection of overlooked vents would demonstrate you could have mold in your air ducts  Many homeowners are aware of this in places where humidity builds such as a bathrooms or kitchens.

Another area of concern are home ventilation systems. Due to their conditions and seldom up keep (if ever), mold has ample opportunity to multiply.  This can eventually cause a major respiratory health issues for tenants and become a liability for the home owner.

Signs of a Mold Infestation in Your Home

Strong musty smell or also described as a mildew-like odor.  The smell can come from the vents or just spread throughout the home in general.  In cases like this, there is a strong sign the problem is in the ventilation system and has spread to other vents.

Irritation of the nose, throat and eyes — There does not need to be large quantities of mold to cause symptoms of illness. Even the most ordinary microorganisms circulating in the air can cause a great deal of irritation in your body.

Headaches — Many times those that have experienced prolonged exposure report of headaches within the home that disappear once they leave.

Flu-like Symptoms — This can include persistent feelings of nausea, fatigue, dizziness, runny nose, rashes, watering eyes.

Visible mold along vent – During a mold inspection, we can check for mold along the vent. This is a clear indication of a much larger problem deeper within the ventilation system.  If mold is found, we can also perform a mold test.

Mold Removal Comparisons

Professional mold remediation are thorough and efficient. The experts at Green Home have successfully worked on vent cleaning and mold removal of over 17,000 homes in Utah. 

There are plenty of DIY options out there.  Tons of products in the market, and many home-remedy solutions such as different combinations of baking soda and detergent.  While this may be sufficient for some minor cases is that really the best long-term solution?  Are you certain tiny fungal spores are not lying deep in your HVAC system only to reappear in the air system months down the line?  Many times homeowners report the same symptoms months later because all spores were not initially eliminated but rather scattered to other rooms in the home.

Mold Inspection & Remediation

  • Sensitive sensors on our mold detectors can detect the smallest amounts of growth.  Our process also includes collection of indoor samples from each room and outdoor from around the perimeter of the house.  Samples are sent to the lab for details on what specific type of mold is found. 
  • High-powered HEPA industrial vacuums suck dust, dirt, debris and mold within a system.  Additional specialized tools are used to break up and particles that may be lodged deep in a crevices
  •  Apply industrial-strength chemical biocides to all surface areas.  This prevents any future fungal or organic growth for months.
  • Last, any process would not be complete without advisement on preventative methods going forward.  We take this job seriously and accurately assess your home.  Tips are provided such as how to control humidity levels and what areas to target for mold growth such as gutters.  These small measures can save you hundreds or even thousands in your family’s budget.

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