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Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution

Annual Inspection

Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution

Many people don’t know the symptoms of indoor air pollution. It can be a great hazard to our health. It is important that we are mindful of the air quality in our homes or businesses. We must make sure our heating and cooling systems are functioning properly. By maintaining your heating and A/C units, you’re optimizing the longevity of your units and provide a safe space for everyone. Additionally, you will also reduce your utility bills. A unit has to work harder because it’s not cleaned or maintained properly. This overcompensation can cause an increase in your utility bills.

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Indoor air pollution in businesses

The indoor air quality in your business is one that you need to prioritize. If most of your employees are working 8-10 hour days in the office, the air quality will play a large part in keeping them healthy. If your employees start complaining about headaches, watery eyes, or shortness of breath, they could be experiencing “sick building syndrome”. This can cause your employees to take more sick days and in rare cases, a lawsuit could be filed for unsafe work conditions.  

Indoor air pollution in homes

Everyone in your home, including any pets you may have should be able to breathe easy. Many don’t think about their air ducts, A/C and heating units, once they get settled in for the day. However, if your indoor air quality is not running at its best, it could result in allergies, respiratory issues, and more serious health conditions. You should at least have an air duct cleaning performed. Maintaining and cleaning your HVAC systems every few months will ensure that the air quality in your home is safe for everyone.


Signs of Indoor Air Pollution

Some of the most common signs to look for if you believe that you have an excessive amount of indoor air pollution are:

  • Mold growing in hard to reach places
  • Watery eyes or shortness of breath
  • Poor ventilation
  • An unusual smell coming from vents

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

There are ways to improve air quality at home. While cleaning and maintaining your HVAC systems will be the best thing to do for reducing your indoor air pollution and any symptoms caused by it, there are other things you can do as well. If you are a smoker, take it outside to reduce air pollution. Whether you have pets or not, vacuuming a couple of times a week will help to clear up any dirt or debris hidden in your flooring. During the warmer months, try to keep your windows open to get some fresh air. If you have any concerns or would like an inspection of your home or business, contact Green Home Air in Salt Lake City, UT and one of our technicians will be glad to assist you.


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