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Reduce Energy Costs with Regular Duct Cleaning

Reduce Energy Costs with Regular Duct Cleaning

Most people don’t realize that they can reduce their energy costs with regular duct cleaning. Some people don’t realize that air ducts have to be cleaned at all. Since air ducts pull air from the home, oftentimes pet hair, dust, dirt, and pollen gets inside the system. This causes visible buildup that lowers the air quality in your home and also causes your air conditioner to work harder. Changing the filters monthly will ensure that less pet hair and dirt get inside your AC. However, even with diligent filter changing, the air ducts will need to be cleaned regularly.

Efficiency Reduces Energy Costs

Dirty Air Conditioners and ducts are inefficient and expensive. Buildup makes it so that your AC coil and system work harder to cool the air. It also takes more time for your air conditioner to lower the overall home temperature. If you peak into one of your air vents and see any dust, you should schedule a duct cleaning. duct cleaning services

How Does Regular Duct Cleaning Reduce Energy Costs?

A normal routine duct cleaning removes all of the dust, dirt, and debris through the ducts. A high power vacuum system removes the buildup. An AC Coil cleaning and dryer vent cleaning is also recommended since both will also reduce energy costs. That way, the system can run much more efficiently. Beware of inexperienced companies because oftentimes they can cause damage to delicate ductwork. They can also fail to clean the system thoroughly.

How Often Should I Perform Air Duct Maintenance in Utah?

The air filters should be changed every 1-3 months. Generally, air ducts should be professionally cleaned every 3-5 years. They should be cleaned yearly is someone in your home is sensitive to poor air quality. Up to 40% of energy costs are due to inefficiency. Contact Green Home Air in Utah if you would like to have your air ducts cleaned.

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