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Mold Inspection for Tenants in Salt Lake City

Requesting a Mold Inspection if You’re Renting

Mold vulnerability can be just as much of a problem in rental properties, such as apartments and rented homes, as in other residences.  Mold contamination can be very problematic for landlords: costly cleanup, expensive property damage, and even lawsuits by tenants with mold-related illnesses.  It’s important, as a tenant, to hold your landlord accountable for annual A/C servicing and mold inspections.  Be sure to get approval or consent from your landlord before requesting a mold inspection for your rented home.  Your landlord should be notified if you suspect mold growth.  It’s their responsibility to ensure that tenants’ home is habitable.

Dangers of Mold Growth in Utah

Mold growth in A/C units is a major concern, especially with those dealing with respiratory issues.  Mold can do terrible things to the health of individuals and cause serious property damage.  Be sure your landlord is having the A/C unit serviced annually to prevent mold growth.  Green Home Air specialists are trained and qualified to service and clean your A/C unit, so you don’t have to worry.

Mold Inspection Services for Tenants by an HVAC Company

mold inspection

Mold cleanup responsibilities fall upon the landlord, therefore, it’ s important to keep your landlord in the loop when preventing mold growth or the spread of mold.  However, if the mold growth resulted from the tenant’s actions, the landlord can charge the tenant for the mold remediation costs.  Consult your lease agreement for details about handling the presence of mold.  Green Home Air professionals will inspect the drip pan and drain lines for presence of mold.  The evaporator will also be checked if there is indication of mold in the drip pan.  We will also check for humidity and moisture leaks that could cause a harmful mold problem for your rented home.  Our technicians are specialized in mold removal to restore the tenant and rental unit to good health. 

HVAC Company in Salt Lake City, Utah

Green Home Air offers high quality HVAC servicing and mold remediation in the Salt Lake City area.  Our HVAC technicians have over 30 years’ cumulative experience in the industry.  We offer 24-hour emergency services, 365 days of the year.  We want you to feel comfortable, so contact us to schedule your next HVAC service, repair or installation.      

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