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Mold Danger In Your Home Is A Serious Concern

Mold Dangermold removal in the Home

It starts with irritated red eyes, itchiness and wheezing, perhaps even a breakout of a skin rash or a persistent cough.  The residents of many homes and apartments can be living with mold danger and not even realize it.  Any structure is susceptible to this and should be checked yearly harmful build-up.  Indoor mold, which is a fungus, often found in the form of mildew in homes only needs moist environments including bathrooms, specifically shower stalls, basements or under any sink (especially if there is a leak).  Even areas in the home with higher than normal humidity and poor circulation support growth. It only takes 24-48 hours for significant mold colonies to form in its ideal environment. Microscopic spores can easily become airborne and travel to nearly any surface in a home to replicate further.

Health Concerns of Mold Exposure

Any person is at risk from exposure, but those with pre-existing upper-respiratory conditions (example: asthma or bronchitis) or weakened immune systems can have their symptoms worsened by prolonged exposure to mold.  This is especially true of children or elderly individuals that may have a particular sensitivity to even short-term exposure.  Allergies can be exacerbated or even newly developed.

Mold usually has a musty, earthy smell.  A larger infestation and mold danger often emits a stronger odor. This is typically black mold or Stachybotrys.  The spores of this genus produce mycotoxins can negatively affect the lungs and nervous system.

There are many home remedies on the internet, and many choose the DIY approach only to find mold persistently returning time and time again.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Green Home Air Quality, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, takes mold removal seriously. Our experts have a great deal of experience in getting the job done right, efficiently, and quickly. Our priority is getting you back to your home quickly and safely.

Firstly, we identify the problem areas within a home and isolate the mold colonies.  Chemical scrubs kill the mold on contact but are not harmful to people at these levels.  An inspection will identify leaky plumbing or water leaks that may exist behind walls as well.  Green Home air also inspects and replaces heating and cooling systems, air ducts, and filtrations to prevent harmful spores from reproducing. Furthermore, an examination of gutters will identify any potential hazards. If there is a problem with the gutters, our team will clean and replace them if necessary. This is so standing water will not provide a breeding ground for the microbial spores to reproduce and enter the home at a later point.

Contact Green Home Air Quality for a free estimate over the phone.  A technician can come out to your home to give an assessment, and even provide useful tips before work begins.


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