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Control Dust in Your Home

Control dust in your homeIt can be difficult to control dust in your home. True, no one likes to see dust reappear after you have spent a Sunday afternoon dusting and cleaning your living space, but it is an inconvenient fact we all must deal with.  Dust will occur naturally and circulate throughout any household.  With all homes being different sizes and dimensions it is up to each individual homeowner to determine how quickly dust accumulates and how often you should clean (hint: the more often the better.)

What’s more, allergies and other respiratory illnesses can be made worse through prolonged exposure to dust in the home. Over time concentrations of dust and other debris in the HVAC system or other areas of the home can make indoor air quality even worse than outdoors.

Let’s explore methods to prevent this and control dust in the home:

Air Duct Cleaning to Control Dust in Your Home  –

A build-up of dust in the ductwork is one of the major reasons for reduced efficiency and a rise in household energy costs. 

  • Filters

    – Any system cleaning will begin with changing the filter. We recommend homeowners replace filters every two to three months by the homeowner in between professional cleanings.  If there has been construction, renovations or there are pets in the home you will want to replace more frequently.

  • Vacuum

    – A certified technician will perform an air duct cleaning and to dislodge and gather dust, as well as other allergens and contaminants.

  • Control Dust in Your Home with a Chemical Application

    – Next, a biocide spray is applied to all surface areas to prevent any organic growth among the dust for months.

  • Physical Inspection

    – The physical integrity of the ductwork can become compromised at certain points throughout the home. This can allow for outside air or unfiltered air to pass through the system and can lead to more dust in the house. If you see a lot of lint or dust gathered around the vents and filters, this is a sign that there may be a leak.

POSSIBLE DANGER: Many furnaces have open flames and conductors that push heated air through the ducts.  A build-up of dust in this area in or around the flames could lead to a potential fire.  Ensure your furnace and home remain safe by having inspected yearly.


Carpet Cleaning – A Key Way to Control Dust in Your Home

It may not seem like it, but having a carpet is a much better way to control dust in your home than wood floors or tile. Air pushes dust from one area to another on smooth surfaces.  You may have noticed this in certain rooms with wooden floors where a great deal of dust accumulates under furniture.  Carpet actually traps the dust in its place.

Weekly House Cleanings –

It is always a good idea to have healthy and sanitary living and cleaning habits, but having the correct tools can go a long way in controlling dust in your home.  Remember to a high-powered vacuum in good working condition and use a microfiber sweeper to better grab dust. If you are worried that you may have mold in your house, try to prevent mold growth after an air duct cleaning.

Controlling the Indoor Climate

It may not seem obvious but a low-humidity environment can lead to an increase of dust in the home.  The lack of moisture in the air leads to increased dry skin and flaking from both people and pets.  This is a major contributor to the overall dust in one’s home.

Don’t delay, call today and contact Green Home Air.  It’s how you keep your system always performing at its best!

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