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Indoor Air Quality After Utah Wildfires


wildfireHow Do Wildfires Affect Indoor Air Quality

A drought that has plagued Utah for six years continues to affect wildlife, tourism, agriculture and more. As each year gets drier than the year before, it seems the number of wildfires continues to rise. This summer, July’s Dollar Ridge Fire, Pole Creek, Bald Mountain, and many other fires left much of the state under a blanket of smoke. As a result, the Wasatch Front has reported poor air quality a number of times already this year. To make matters worse, California and Oregon fires have also blown smoke over the state contributing to the problem.

Indoor Air Quality In Wildfires Zones

Most recognize that when air quality is poor, they should stay indoors and keep windows closed. However, many forget air filters and ductwork can cling onto those pollutants, compromising indoor air quality as well. This year especially, it is important to prevent those pollutants from entering the home while ridding internal air filtration of existing smoke particles. “Unfortunately, windows and filters can only keep out so much. Those fine particles will still enter your home,” says Dave from Green Home Air.

Keeping Wildfire Smoke Out Of Your Home

Poor air quality from wildfire smoke can cause shortness of breath, burning eyes, runny nose and other respiratory symptoms. That’s why air quality is so important for good health, especially for those who may suffer from asthma, allergies or other lung problems.

Keeping wildfire smoke pollutants out of your home:

  1. Close doors and windows as much as possible
  2. Clean air conditioning systems to maximize filtration (and efficiency)
  3. Invest in a whole house air purifier
  4. Have your duct work professionally cleaned
  5. Change furnace filters
  6. Clean compressors and a/c coils

Remember to open your windows and doors to let the house air out after the smoke has cleared and air quality improved. Track today’s air quality forecast.

Schedule A/C Unit, Coils, & Air Duct Cleaning in Utah

With Fall upon us and Winter just around the corner, it’s a great time for Utah residents to have their air duct systems cleaned. You’ll want to have all of the smoke particles from this summer’s fires cleaned out before you turn on the furnace. In addition to better efficiency, it will keep your indoor air fresh for winter with all the health benefits. Contact Green Home Air quality in Utah at 801-784-2401 to schedule your next appointment.

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