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Flexible Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Flexible Air Duct Cleaning: Call an HVAC Professional 

If you are researching flexible air duct cleaning for your home, congratulations, this means you are already a responsible homeowner. Once you have gathered all the necessary information on the topic, your next step should be to call an HVAC professional. Calling an HVAC professional is necessary, especially, if you have the flexible air ducts, which most houses have now a days. This cleaning process is a delicate operation and if done incorrectly, you can put yourself and others at risk of inhaling contaminated air.

These air ducts are made of a fiberglass and polymer lining. The material will tear easily if not handled correctly. Often times “Do-it-Yourselfers” will not have the proper tools or technique when working. For instance, ducts reach over ten-feet deep within a wall. This can be a challenge if not trained correctly. At the same time, disreputable companies or novice technicians will simply use a standard method–vacuuming the dirt is not sufficiently completing the job.

Don’t wait — Call an HVAC Professional

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Don’t overlook this important aspect of home care because of minor inconveniences. Many of our customers report they wait months or even years trying to figure out why a family member is frequently sick or has formed allergies. It is best to prevent this before that even occurs. Green Home Air’s duct cleaning uses industrial-powered HEPA vacuums which  will rid your home of old dust, dirt, dander, mold, and debris in just a few short hours.

Proper Inspection of Ductwork

It’s not about cleaning the system at all, but rather giving it an accurate assessment. You may have cracks, tears or near tears in you ductwork that may not be causing issues, however, it’s inevitable that they will. Our guys have seen it all. We can let you know what will become problematic in the short and long term, and what works best for your home and given situation. If the ducts need to simply be replaced, we’ll tell you, and we’ll take it from there.

Flexible Air Duct Cleaning — Why Use Flexible in the First Place?

Flex ducts are popular due to their price and how easy they are to work with. During the construction of a home, they are much easier to install. In cases of renovations, it is easier to retrofit within an existing structure and air system. This presents unique challenges to the air cleaning process.  Ducts can reach certain stress points when wrapped around corners at certain angles. These can potentially become damaged at multiple points of tension. Additionally, due to an event known as “air abrasion” the Mylar lining in the duct can wear down. This can eventually release particles into the home’s breathable air. This, of course, is something that is harmful to our lungs and easily preventable if proper precautions are taken.

With our certified trainers, the experience is what counts. Something you should know about Green Home Air as a company, is longevity of experience and its success rate completing thousands of jobs. We hold contracts with counties and school boards across the state of Utah and have been a trusted partner for years. We are highly experienced in mold removal and air duct cleaning!

Air Duct Cleaning Debate:

It is true there is a great deal of literature and beliefs out there, both encouraging and criticizing duct cleaning. We have found that many of the detractors don’t take into account the many technological advancements. Small, high-quality cameras and specialized tooling to get the job done always in accordance with industry standards. This process will require accuracy and precision, all the more reason to contact a trained professional here in Utah.

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