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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that more than 12,000 fires are caused every year in the U.S. by clothing dryers and dryer vents? It's true. It is a statistic that shouldn't be ignored and can be easily avoided with proper dryer vent cleaning.

When lint builds up in vents, it restricts airflow, which increases drying time and causes the motor to overheat. If this happens, the lint underneath the dryer can catch on fire and be drawn up into the duct by the air draft. Should the duct be coated or blocked by additional lint, an entire house can go up in flames.

At Green Home Air Duct Cleaning, our team is fully equipped to handle dryer vent cleanings. Our crew works to remove lint, dirt and debris to restore the open passageways that enable total airflow, increasing the efficiency of your dryer, dryer vents and reducing your risk of a fire. Plus, you'll also save money on electric bills as your drying time will decrease.

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